Kalki - The Legendary Tamil Novelist

Published: 13th September 2010
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I had the chance to read and take pleasure in the functions of legendary writers in the Tamil literary scene in the sixties and seventies. Kalki is a identify that sparks off memories of kingdoms and the saga of war, patriotism, adore and loyalty that go into the making and perishing of those kingdoms in the Chola dynasty period in South India.

He was gifted with writing natural humour flowing by way of his writings making audience appreciate his writings and go through them once more and once more. I have enjoyed the range of type, themes, depiction of society and culture and the narration by various authors form the reader's point of view. The identity of the monk is revealed in the thrilling climax. A series of gripping incidents follow in the intervening period depicting extraordinary courage, deceit, loyalty, suspense and mystery. I love his distinctive way of creating us envision the gatherings in our minds.

The mere point out of the term 'Kalki' is adequate to send most the Tamil readers of yesteryears into a journey of nostalgia. The inimitable style and the deft handling of situations and characters in his books leave us wonderstruck about this uncommon capability.

A single cannot assist marveling at the strong characterization, sequence of occasions and the suspense all through the whole novel with such lucidity that simply transports us to that era.

Being a patriot himself, he was ready to portray patriotic fervor in his characters.

For several decades Kalki's novels had been the craze of Tamil visitors about half a century ago. You can download and read 'Parthiban Kanavu' now from Sangapalagai.com.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Kalki was the pioneer of historical books in Tamil.

Kalki's novels Thiaga Boomi, Magudapathi, Apalayin Kannir, Alasi Osai, Devakiyin Kanavan, Kalvanin Kadhali etc. To term a couple of Kalki's masterpieces ended up serialized in the Tamil magazines Andnda Vikatan and later on on in Kalki.

I have been avid reader of Tamil books and stories and most kinds of Tamil literature. This is the story of how Chola King Parthiban's desire of re-establish the Chola kingdom which was in the clutches of Pallava king Narasimhavarman. A monk vows to Parthiban that he would make Vikraman fulfill his fantasy. Parthiban expresses his fantasy to his son Vikraman who was quite young and later on gets killed. He has brought a breath of fresh air into Tamil literary scene with his potential to infuse our social life and culture of our nation in his characters and gatherings, with realism. Kalki - The Legendary Tamil Novelist

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